Fashion Trends Spring / Summer 2021

Following the latest trends isn't immediately for me. I believe in wearing outfits that make you feel comfortable and feminine as a woman. This is why I started with the Miss Trésor webshop. If a trend is disappointing, or if I don’t feel the 'vibe' ... I'll happily skip it. Au revoir! Having said this, I’m happy to inform you about the fashion trends for spring / summer 2021. Feel free to inspire you ... give it your personal stylish touch and but above all to be yourself.

Trend 1: pastel colors

Last year they were in, this year they are 'even more' in. In 2020 pink was a real 'go', but this year we're expanding our color palette with a beautiful lilac shade ... Can you already smell the lavender? Hmmm ... Lila is sweet, soft and very very feminine. I couldn't resist filling my Miss Trésor collection with this color. Sorry, not sorry...

Cardigan: €46

Trend 2: colorful handbags

Previously, they were cheap and ordinary, now they're totally hot! Match the color of your outfit with the perfect handbag. Why? Babe please…. Your outfit comes to life and stands out even more. It makes you so extra. Are you a daredevil? Experiment with beautiful happy colors. How about a turquoise outfit with a pink handbag? There are no rules in fashion ...

Handbag: €39

Trend 3: relaxed trousers

I know...We've felt this one coming for a while ... The skinny jeans are making place for wider trousers. Ladies, we can finally hide our extra corona pounds. Hehe. Maybe we should follow this one after all? In any way, it’s important to create a nice balance. Combine a wider pants with a tight top, for example a crop top or bodysuit. After all, we don't want to look like a tent. Let’s try it!

Trousers: €32

Trend 4: mules

Marie-Antoinette loved it ... so are we! Mules are more in trend than ever in 2021! Oh yes! Especially square nosed mules like Givenchy will be worn this season. An extra benefit? They are very comfortable and you can wear them everywhere ... Yes… everywhere; a walk through the park between the flowers, a romantic date with your toyboy, ... And they're available in all kinds of colors, which makes us instantly excited. From now on, mules aren't just for Cinderella!

Shoes: €36

Trend 5: neutral colors

In the 1970's we saw the ladies in beige / camel colored blazers and skirts. In 2021 we’ll see the same, but this time with brighter colors combined such as yellow and pink. But no fear babe... You can of course always keep it neutral. Maybe your boss likes that more. Also, khaki has made a huge comeback and is mainly combined with white and soft colors.

Dress: €89

Conclusion: 2021 brought a big change to the fashion world. While some outfits from the years before were 'precisely' meant for a trip to the space, this year the outfits were neutral and comfortable.

Anyway, at Miss Trésor we give a feminine, sensual and unique twist to every trend. And trust me, you don't have to follow every trend to shine and be attractive. You already are! Even if you wear a garbage bag or space suit of the year before.

Check our model Bo Ackaert with the new collection during the photoshoot.

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